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World Eco-design Conference (UN Consulative NGO) is composed of the Board of Directors, the Secretariat and the Advisory Committee of International Experts.

Board of Directors : acts as a decision-making and supervisory body in charge of relevant work, consisting of members from governments, industries, academia, research and business.

Secretariat : responsible for implementing the operation of the Conference, and offering services to other organizations while implementing the programs and decisions developed by them. There are five administrative units under the Secretariat: International Exchange Center, Eco-Design Center, Innovation Education Center, Financial Management Center, Operation and Management Center, and Industrial Development Center.

Advisory Committee of International Experts : serves as an academic and strategic advisory body of WEDC (UN Consulative NGO) and provides theoretical support for the decision-making of the Board of Directors and Secretariat. Members of the Committee work in different sectors such as international organizations, research institutes, social organizations and private enterprises. Their researches and practice areas covers various fields such as creative economy, urban development, industrial planning, artificial intelligence, network technology, sustainable development and communications.
Mr. Ying Fangtian, President of the World Eco-Design Conference (UN Consulative NGO)
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