Membership Services
Membership Services
The membership is a critical drive for the innovation and development of WEDC. Hence, WEDC will endeavour to improve the membership development and service level, and enhance the attraction and cohesion of members.
By joining us, you will enjoy:
  • Exchange Platform for Members
    Exchange Platform for Members
    WEDC (UN Consulative NGO) will take initiatives to forge the brand of the World Eco-Design Conference (UN Consulative NGO), host major international conference every year, and set up exchange platform for members in different professional backgrounds and industries.
  • Development Platform for Members
    Development Platform for Members
    To positively create conditions to assist members in updating knowledge, organize, recommend and support members to participate the Eco-Design Leading Talent Training Program, and run for international awards, thus enhancing the capacities of members.
  • Cooperation Platform for Members
    Cooperation Platform for Members
    Strengthen the cooperation among individual members and organizational members. As members are the essential supports of all operational activities, WEDC will consider the actual needs of members, and provide them with customized services such as opportunities for cooperation, achievements transformations etc.
Contact us
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  • +86 - 18933223175
  • wedc@vip.126.com
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