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The Digital Art Industry Center is committed to forge a brand new art creation exchange platform based on digital art technology. The Center consists of 4 sections, Supercomputing Center, Mega Data Center, Smart Manufacturing Center, and Creation Exchange Platform. The Digital Art Industry Center can achieve a variety of functions, e.g. creation, exchange, customization, trade etc. In the world of digital art, everyone can create to be an artist. 

Supercomputing Center: The in-depth learning of AI style transfer algorithm based on neural network, is enabled to rapidly extract advanced and abstract features. The framework of the technology consists of 2 networks, the network generated by Convolutional Neural Network and descriptive network. 

Mega Data Center: Based on the massive originals of digital art center and the AI system of the memory neuron network, massive image data storage organization structure module is designed and achieved. By the adoption of data buffering technology, the data access structure is optimized by reducing disk reads while large scale data access, and the image processing methods has been enriched so that the image processing become more user friendly.  

Smart Manufacturing Center: Digital arts can be realized and produced by high precision and smart printing equipment. In addition, the Smart Manufacturing Center is able to provide excellent facilities and comprehensive application solutions. 

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