Designers'  Village

The Designers’ Village is located beside the northwest of the WEDC International Convention and Exhibition Center in the Eco-Design Town, which is the first international designers community in the state and the “most powerful brain” supporting the think tank of the eco-design innovation.  

The Designers’ Village exists in the town as a facility to support talents introduction, incubation of innovation industry, and daily life services for the Town. Centering on the needs of the designer group, a leisure area has been set up. With the natural environment management implemented on the banks of Yadong River, an ecological park was built by the River and in greenbelts in surrounding. The park covers an area of 120 hectares, which have improved the living quality of the settled designers, so that they can absorb more inspirations for design amid the green mountains and lucid waters.

In future, the Designers’ Village will be forged to a “Dream Land, Glory Home” for global designers.

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