The National Eco-Industrial Design Institute (hereinafter called the EIDI) is one of the first batch of national industrial design institutes approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The goals of EIDI are coordinated development of ecologies of human, industry and environment driven by eco-industrial design, support to the national strategies and rural revitalization strategy in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and facilitation of the green development on a global scale. By relying on the Eco-Design Town, EIDI provides public services in the field of industrial design as a core function, takes key generic technologies of industrial design as the research emphasis, and carrying out the works on basic research, technological support, achievement transformation, consultations, talent cultivation, exchange and cooperation etc. A open and shared research development platform, an achievement transformation platform in coordination and highly efficient, a talent cultivation platform interacts with industry, academies and institutes, and a public service platform that supports the innovation development of manufacturing are established.

As one of the selected national industrial design institutes of the first batch, EIDI takes initiatives to bring its superiority in the eco-design area into a full play by integrating resources of home and abroad, and fostering innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises with eco-design as the core drive. Leveraging the power of industrial design, EIDI will also implement the national strategies for rural revitalization and public services, thus integrating the primary, secondary and tertiary industries and realizing the green development.

  • Basic Research
    Basic Research
    EIDI focuses on boosting the design innovation of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the construction of Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Cities Project. EIDI is a core design platform, which can effectively gathers the most advanced teams of Guangdong and even the world, and actively carries out research on key generic technologies to break through the bottleneck of industry development:
    (1) Research on intellectual property of eco-design based on blockchain technology;
    (2) Research on the "cross-industry embedded system software SMART" and intelligent product design;
    (3) Research on Co-creation Design Cloud based on blockchain;
    (4) Research on Digital arts and design;
    (5) Research on designs of One Village One Product and ecological environment.
  • Technological Support
    Technological Support
    An industrial design data resource center is established for capacity building of technological support. The emphasis is on various databases of basic information resources, such as components , CMF (color, material and finish), arts and cultural resources, human psychophysiology, product atlas, industry analysis, life cycle assessment, case study in design projects, patents etc. EIDI also participates in the formulation of relevant standards in the design industry.
  • Achievement Transformation
    Achievement Transformation
    EIDI provides services of trial production, inspection and testing, quality certification, mold manufacturing and others, which effectively reduce the transformation costs on design achievements for the enterprises, and enabling the design enterprises to be more responsive to the markets. EIDI strengthens the capacity building of intellectual property protection in the whole process of achievement transformation, and provides patent early warning, fast track patent examination, express IP licensing, instant IP protection etc. A networked trade platform is established for industrial design, which effectively connects the demands and integrates the global resources.
  • Consultations
    EIDI provides support services such as industry analysis, policy research, publicity and implementation etc. for government departments, and provides industrial design related business services, e.g. strategic consulting, process management, technical support etc., as well as extended services in relation to business, finance, marketing, accounting and law etc. for the enterprises.
  • Talent Cultivation
    Talent Cultivation
    EIDI is aiming at cultivation of high-end and compound talents in the design field, and establishing a regional and industrial design talent training base. By strengthening cooperation with relevant academies and scientific research institutes, EIDI carries out professional trainings on knowledge popularization and skill improvement by referring to the characteristics of the industry. EIDI will explore an open talent training model and promote design talents to engage in international and domestic exchanges in two-ways, as well as joint trainings.
  • Cooperation and Exchange
    Cooperation and Exchange
    EIDI organizes the connection between design supply and demand, promotes foreign cooperation to widely attract global design wisdom. In addition, EIDI motivates the China Design to "go global", and enhances the international influence of the Chinese design, providing services for Belt & Road Initiative.
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