S  Resort
S  Resort

The S.Resort is a riverfront hotel on the bank of Yadong River in the Eco-Design Town located in Liuxi Hot Spring Tourism Resort Zone, Conghua District, Guangzhou. It is around 60 minute drive from the urban area of Guangzhou and Baiyun International Airport, and around 10 minute drive from the Wenquan Exit and Liangkou Exit of Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway.

The S.Resort provides hot spring containing radon and soda. The hotel integrates unique architecture with natural landscape to interpret the privacy and luxury of original ecology in a perfect way. The comfy experience and attentive services are tailor-made by S.Resort, presenting the guests a modern and elegant lifestyle of intimacy of nature. The hot spring is crystal clear, odorless and colourless, which contains over 10 microelements essential for the wellbeing of human, it has significant therapeutic values.

To learn more about S.Resort, please visit http://www.s-resortch.com/

Contact us
  • No. 1 Gongqing Road, Liangkou Town, Conghua District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China
  • +86 - 18933223175
  • wedc@vip.126.com
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