Sino-Swiss  Design  Center

In December, 2018, the World Eco-Design Conference (UN Consulative Status NGO) and Swiss Design Association reached a consensus and signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Sino-Swiss Design Framework during the Conference. Both parties agreed to work together to promote and support the industrial design and eco-design of the two countries, and identified that the following cooperative programs will be implemented in future:

  • Establish a normalized liaison mechanism for the design industries of China and Switzerland
  • Introduce high-level and innovative talent cultivation pattern and thoughts from Switzerland
  • Promote the implementation of cooperation on talent exchanges, training and qualification accreditation for the design industries of China and Switzerland
  • Co-establish Sino-Swiss Low Carbon Industrial Parks, Sino-Swiss Design Center and Intellectual Products Industrial Base
  • Forge a smart manufacturing industrial cluster to create One Park, One Center and One Base model
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