One Village One Product Brand Design
Release date : December 20, 2021
The Wanxi Village of Songyuan Town, is located in Meixian District, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province. Wanxi Village is a poverty-stricken village of Guangdong Province, and the golden pomelo is the major economic crop of Wanxi Village. Although Wanxi is located in the geographic origin of golden pomelo, and high quality golden pomelo are farmed, villagers have little brand awareness on Meizhou Golden Pomelo. The industrial chain could not be well formed as there is only one single product for sale. Until now, trades can only be done by face to face, while people have not realized about online marketing

Hence, we presented a brand new design proposal of visual expression with a brand idea of You Yi Cun (the pomelo village), and the color of pomelo yellow as the dominant tone of visual identity. We effectively integrated the needs in nowadays living scenarios of people with pomelo resources, and explored over 20 types of highly processed products of pomelo centered on pomelo, and designed brand new packages for these types of products which are in line with the visual identity of the enterprise. The visibility of the brand has been well improved, both online and offline distribution channels have been opened up, and the popularity and reputation of the products have been enhanced. 
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