Hotel Renovation of S Resort
Release date : December 20, 2021
The hotel located on the southern bank of Yadong River, is called S.Resort. It was transformed from a primary school and abandoned toothpick factory, which has inherited the philosophy of “No massive demolition and construction, no imposing uniformity”, it has developed and protected vacant premises and natural resources in rural area to the maximum extent. By the application of low carbon environmental friendly technologies and expressions of eco-design, S.Resort is the result of rebuilding and utilization of partial constructions of the primary school of Liangming Village and a toothpick factory, and it has become another vivid practice of “a beautiful village lit by design creativity” of the Town.

Vacant Rural Premise Transformed into a Boutique Design Hotel

Among them, the old teaching building of Liangming Primary School has been transformed into a guest house containing 103 guest rooms with 5 types. The door panel of each guest room has been decorated with unique pattern printed by digital art technology of the Town, and a spa pool at the balcony infused with valuable and rare Liuxi hot spring which contains radon and soda. Two trees which are over a hundred years old, planted in the primary school are also conserved with care, and have become a sophisticated landscape, and achieved full integration and intergrowth of modern design and natural humanity.

Whereas the old toothpick factory has now been transformed into “Red Mansion”, a creative space combining accommodation, event, exhibition, entertainment and live stream economy by removing partial dilapidated buildings and adding additional reconstruction. As an innovative hardware facility set up by the hotel, it is exclusively for group tourism, customized activity and implementation of live stream economy, the “Red Mansion” will exceed the scope of business of a traditional hotel, and explore an innovative business model of “New Retail+New Customization” for the revitalization of local rural area.

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