ID Awards
ID Awards
The ID Award is an international design award initiated by the World Eco-Design Conference, it is conferred to the individuals or organizations having made outstanding contributions to industry, innovation, international cooperation and cross-industry integration with the power of design that is original, moral, affective and aesthetic. The ID Award calls for cooperation and exchange across industries to the global design industry, joining hands to share the development opportunities, partnering to cope with challenges, establish partnerships that is trustworthy, inclusive, open and mutually beneficial; Harnessing design to promote Innovative industrial ecology, mobilizing economic transformation and upgrade, establish innovative platform, stimulate industrial vitality, jointly accelerate the sustainable development of a healthy global economy.
All enterprises and units, design companies, education institutions, design service platforms, government departments, enterprise senior managers, social contributors, designers and other relevant entities and individuals across the globe are eligible for ID Award.
Award winners
  • Winners shall be invited to attend the World Eco-Design Conference and ID Award Ceremony and other relevant activities;
  • The award-winning achievements shall be published in the World Eco-Design Conference Annual Report, China Industrial Design Yearbook, Design Magazine, etc., and related international media;
  • The winners may participate in a wide range of international industrial design activities such as study tours, exchange programme, network matchmaking and cooperation to increase their reputation and influence of the award winners in the globe.
Winners List
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