Yadong River Micro-modification Allows Green Spread across the Field
Release date : December 20, 2021
Spring breeze and warm sunshine, grass grown and birds fly. There might be less noise and vitality compared to the past for this spring, but simultaneously makes people realize that human and nature should live in harmony. In Guangdong-Hongkong-Macau Greater Bay Area with multiple metropolitan cities, this “Early Green” is exceptionally eye catching. 

Conghua Eco-Design Town is a small town that is dedicated to “seeding” greenery and vitality. People living on the land utilize their creativity and take action to retrieve the long-lost poetry of the river. The river named Yadong River runs through the Eco-Design Town from east to west, which originates from the Northern Slope, Roof of Paradise in Conghua. The Yadong River, a major tributary of Liuxi River, converges with Liuxi River as a “T”.

Regarding the origin of the river’s name, the local resident Uncle Wang said that this place was called "Yadong" since ancient times. According to the legend, the ancient ancestors opened up territory. And one ancestor named Tagaung accidentally found this treasured land and decided to settle down while searching for water to stock ducks. Thus, the Yadong River got its name.

The Yadong River has excellent mountain and water resources in the past. However, with the continuous development of urbanization, the soil erosion in the Yadong River is inevitable and serious, and problems such as water pollution and ecological imbalances have gradually emerged. Over time, the sense of existence of Yadong River is getting lower and lower. When mention this river, people cannot help but sigh, shook his head and said "No one want to play there".

There is a saying goes, “If you want to appreciate a city, you need to taste it from the most ordinary life. The Yadong River is a totem to the local residents, and a wonderful lifelong memory.

In 2018, with the opportunity of the kick-start construction of Eco-Design Town, the Yadong River has changed. Adhering to the development concept of "Ecology of Design, Field of Hope", the Eco-Design Town operation team decided to implement a micro reconstruction on the Yadong River after comprehensive investigation and assessment, which makes the poetry of the river reappears between the lucid waters and lush mountains. Through a set of pictures, let's take a look at the changes that the town construction has brought to the Yadong River.

After the reconstruction for around half a year, Phase 1 of Yadong River reconstruction was completed at the end of 2019, and become scenery of blue sky and green water of the town. What kind of creativity and carving are behind such a new look?

Conform to the ecological landscape, implement micro reconstruction

The Yadong River Basin is in an ecological landscape of "surrounded by mountains, penetrated by water". Therefore, in order to avoid the damage caused by large-scale development, the Eco-Design town utilize the Yadong River Ecological Corridor as a banded landscape to efficiently connect the surrounding ecological elements, so as to form an ecosystem nestling under mountains and near rivers.

Integrated protection of mountains, rivers, forests, fields and grass
The focus of the micro reconstruction is ecological rehabilitation. The town operation team takes the mountains, water, forests and grass along the Yadong River as a life community to protect, so as to restore the biodiversity of the Yadong River.

Due to the serious soil erosion, the ability of Yadong River to waterproof and sand fixation is decreasing year by year. While the town operation team strictly protects the original natural environment, uses measures such as re-greening of the damaged forests and enrichment of the non-commercial forests, so as to repair mountain soil erosion areas, and make the proportion of blue-green space stable over 70% to maintain ecological balance.
Implement ecological restoration, conserve water and soil  
The plain areas in the downstream of the Yadong River is filled with complex ecological elements. Through planning, the town operation team combines inter-plantation of plants as shrubs, wetland plants, grasslands, etc.

Nowadays’ Yadong River reappears the former clearness, purity, with flowers fragrance and birds singing. People living here can also find a pure land in the dust, in the flowing river day and night, recognize and listen to their own heart.
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