Reconstruction of Surrounding Environment
Release date : December 20, 2021
When design meets life by chance, an exciting power and beautiful design are born, making you see, hear, smell, touch and taste the existence of the beauty of life. On the top of the fertile soil of the Town, starting with your heart, go and meet again with everything on the earth.

The Eco-Design Town is developed in the surroundings of mountains and waters. In the process of phase I construction, happiness is reintegrated into daily life by taking design as the path. People residing here are enabled to retrieve spirit that is rich, unique and free. Led by the concept of eco-design, the venue and environment, venue and history, venue and humanity are concerned. By complying with design principles of ecological dominance, complexity of diversity, and international pattern, the Eco-Design Town is becoming an open and inclusive place with local characteristics.

 When you get access to the Town, you would pass through a memorial archway which is not yet investigated. It is a landmark building in the residents’ daily route. In the old time, Fang was the basic unit of residential areas, there were walls between Fangs. In the center of the wall, there was a gate for access, people called Pai Fang (memorial archway).

The memorial archway of the Town have been retained, designers conducted a lot of research on architectural information of Lingnan memorial archway. Renovation and transformation for the surface of the memorial archway were carried out with rigorous attitude and respect in order to bring new life to the old buildings by renovations.  

Details of the Memorial Archway
There are 4 Chinese characters, “Liuxi Hot Spring” appeared on the original memorial archway of Liusan Shi, which was inscribed by a renowned calligrapher, XU Hongji. The stipple of the memorial archway was clear, and the characters were in appropriate forms. The designer made a stone carving of bat for it. In ancient time, the Chinese, Fu is a homophone for “bat”, “good fortune” and “wealth”. The artistic image of bat is used to express good luck, happiness and best wishes. On the image of cranes dancing in clouds, the propitious crane is a mascot of auspiciousness and longevity, and the auspicious clouds stands for auspicious weather.  

An Ecological Gate located at both sides of the memorial archway, is forged by local yellow granite in semi-ring shape, as if it embraces and welcomes the visitors. With decoration of well grown bamboo, the Gate bring people its first impression in mind which is natural, simple, open and inclusive.

The Conghua Initiatives for the World’s Eco-Design Industrial Development initiated by the First  World Eco-Design Conference, was displayed on the wall. 

The ecology bulletin board is designed to be made by naturally rusty slates and flower crates. It was installed and set up by flexible and convenient approach, displaying the key messages of the World Eco-Design Conference and information of science popularization in relation to the thousand years of local culture. 

Conghua is one of the origins of Lingnan Culture, many places in Conghua still remain the traditional layouts and features of settlement. The cultural fence in steel structure and gables  appear indistinctly among trees, which are the artistic silhouettes abstracted from slope roof of Lingnan traditional architecture. 

It was designed to transplant and arrange the big trees originally grown on the Ecology Avenue, and increase proper amount of big trees in certain specifications, so as to forge a greenery and ecological greeting avenue, showing the scenery of the Eco-Design Town. On the circuit branch of Ecology Avenue, local ficus microcarpa grown on the Avenue have also been reserved. 

The plants and ecological environment of the venue have been respected by designers. Big trees originated in the venue have been also protected and recycled. Designers have activated the resources of the venue and upgraded the landscape by revitalizing the infinite space of the venue and using the biological resources.

In fact, the nowadays beautiful villages in the Eco-Design Town used to be abandoned, wrecked houses, and old plants of villagers several years ago. The Town has been decorated with massive natural and original materials, e.g. bamboo, stones, flowers, plants etc. By the development platform of rural revitalization co-established by villages and enterprises, the properties in stock and the reserved lands collectively owned by villages have been revitalized, which have become a significant name card and a growth pole of innovation and creativity industries for the North of Guangzhou.
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