Call for Application of ID Award: International Gifts 2023
Release date : September 26, 2023

About ID Award: International Gifts
The ID Award is an international design award hosted by World Eco-Design Organization (WEDO), it is conferred to the individuals or organizations that have made outstanding contributions to industry, innovation, international cooperation and cross-industry integration with the power of design that is original, moral, affective and aesthetic. The ID Award calls for cooperation and exchange across industries to the global design industry, joining hands to share the development opportunities, partnering to cope with challenges, establishing partnerships that is trustworthy, inclusive, open and mutually beneficial; Harnessing design to promote innovative industrial ecology, mobilizing economic transformation and upgrade, establishing an innovative platform, stimulating industrial vitality, and jointly accelerating the sustainable development of a healthy global economy.
The ID Award: International Gifts, as one of the annual awards of the ID Award, aims to encourage and reward outstanding companies and individuals in the gift industry for ecological innovation, who are committed to promoting the development of the gift industry in a sustainable direction, and reducing the negative impact on the environment and society with innovative products and services. The awards specially select the world's excellent products with gift attributes, keeping up with international gift design, ecological technology, environmental protection, art and culture, innovative design and other cutting-edge trends. The selection is committed to building a global international gift display, exchange and cooperation platform, and will be considered from four aspects - ecological relevance, design innovation, social impact, and outstanding value.
The Establishment of ID Award: International Gifts Can:
1. Promote the Innovative Development of the Gift Industry: Displaying the innovative design and solutions of the gift industry, and encouraging the industry to shift from the traditional production and sales model to a more eco-friendly and sustainable innovation model by rewarding the outstanding units and individuals;
2. Improve the Brand Image and Competitiveness: Companies that win the ID Award: International Gifts will enjoy a good reputation and brand image, improve their competitiveness and attractiveness in the market, and promote cooperation and investment;
3. Promote Transnational Exchange and Cooperation: The ID Award: International Gifts will attract participants from all over the world and promote cooperation and exchange between different countries and regions;
4. Promote the Change of Social Awareness: The establishment of the ID Award: International Gifts will further promote social attention to ecological design and sustainable development, encourage more enterprises and consumers to adopt sustainable production and consumption methods, and promote the development of the green economy.
Selection Scope:
Including but not limited to: artworks, cultural and creative gifts, tourist souvenirs, healthy drinks and beverages, office supplies, creative home, micro-ecological cosmetics, health care products, and special agricultural products.
Award Setting:
ID Award: International Gifts Gold Award
ID Award: International Gifts Silver Award
ID Award: International Gifts Excellence Award
Selection Criteria of ID Award: International Gifts 2023:
1. Ecological Relevance: The product quality is qualified, in line with relevant domestic and foreign green ecological standards, and has made outstanding contributions to the dissemination of ecological design concepts;
2. Innovative Design: Realizing innovation in technology, concept or service, which can provide a reference for the development of other similar industries;
3. Social Influence: Bringing considerable social, economic or environmental benefits, and has a long-term and sustainable positive impact on social development;
4. Outstanding Value: With operability, replicability and scalability, and can be well promoted, developed, and put into production.

1. Having the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the WEDO , ID Award Ceremony and other relevant activities;
2. Obtaining an honorary certificate or a collection certificate of the ID Award: International Gifts;
3. The award-winning achievements shall be published in the WEDO Annual Report, etc., and related international media;
4. Having the opportunity to participate in a wide range of international industrial design activities such as study tours, exchange programme, network matchmaking and cooperation to increase their reputation and influence of the award winners in the globe.

Service Fees: USD 2,500 per work/product

Executive Institute
Hangzhou Tianshe Technology Co., LTD
Application Submission
Please submit the following application materials before 24:00 Beijing Time on 31 December 2023:
1. Application Form for the ID Award: International Gifts 2023: Please fill in all contents truthfully.
2. Supporting Materials:
(1) Product inspection certificate (Mandatory);
(2) Other relevant supporting materials mentioned in the Application Form for the ID Award: International Gifts 2023, including but not limited to the honors received, research results cover and signed pages, patent certificates, donation records, public reports, etc.
3. Photographic Materials:
(1) Work/Product Introduction Pictures: No more than 6 high-resolution pictures, in JPEG or PNG format, no less than 2M and no more than 10M;
(2) Work/Product Promotion Video: The video should focus on "ecological relevance, innovative design, social influence, outstanding value" to explain the correlation, the duration should be controlled within 5 minutes, the resolution should be 1080P and above, the horizontal screen should be 16:9, the storage format should be mp4, mov, avi and other common video formats, and the size should not exceed 500M;
(3) Company Video (Optional).
Note: Please combine the Application Form for the ID Award: International Gifts 2023, product inspection certificate and other relevant certification materials into a PDF document in the form of scanned copies. The email subject, PDF document, related pictures and videos must be named in the form of "ID International Gifts Award 2023 Registration _ Signature".
All application materials (including video presentations) should be in both Chinese and English and should be sent to wedo2023@126.com by 24:00 Beijing Time on 31 December 2023. The submitted work/product materials should comply with national laws and regulations and local social order and good customs. The applicant must guarantee that he/she is the original author of the submitted work/product (text, pictures and videos) and that he/she has independent, complete and undisputed copyright or ownership of the work/product. The WEDO reserves the right to use the relevant application materials of the selected works/products for promotion.

Attachment: Application Form for the ID Award: International Gifts 2023
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