Day of Guest Countries of Honor
Day of
Guest Countries
of Honor
The Day of Guest Countries of Honour is a hybrid side event hosted by the chosen 2-3 Guest Countries of Honour. The Day allows the Guest Countries of Honour to have their solo showtime to the world. The ways of presenting could be seminar, exhibition and performance. The Day is to raise the awareness on the Guest Countries of Honour, presenting the world with the ethnic and cultural identities by choice of their own, evoke attention from international community to the developments of these countries. 

The previous Day of Guest Countries of Honour was carried out in the forms of exhibition, international cooperation forum and music festival, which has added international elements to the Conference. The cultural exhibitions of the Guest Countries of Honour displayed the works of countries in the fields of art, design, culture, science and technology. The international cooperation forums have empowered industrial design, digital innovation and development. The wonderful performances of Bangladesh, Cambodia and Thailand have raised the curtain for a series of international activities to be held by the World Eco-Design Conference in the future.

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