Cooperation  Forum
In the light of the concept of “Innovation Development, Cooperation for Mutual Benefit”, the cooperation forums have been hosted as side events of the annual World Eco-Design Conference in parallel. The Cooperation Forum aims to strengthen friendly cooperation between China and other countries in new era, and pursue common developments in the fields of international education, eco-design, science, technology and innovation etc. Representatives from agencies, such as government sectors, enterprises, higher education institutes, associations etc., carry out exchanges by emphasizing on different topics, and offer advice and suggestions to contribute to the cooperation for mutual benefits.

Until now, there are more than 10 cooperation forums have been hosted, including Women’s Forum, Low Carbon Cities Forum, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Education Forum etc. The number of guests attended has reached to over 1000 people. In future, we will take initiatives to explore cooperative partnerships with governments, enterprises, organizations or academies of other countries, and jointly promote the prosperous development of the cooperation forums. 
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